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Brandon C Williams aka BZ$

Gateway Records & Entertainment
El Paso, TX
“The rap, the soul, the jazz, the funk all rolled into one, it’s BZ Dollar$ the sun”, states Southern Rap Artist/Producer and Alabama native BZ$ on his currently unreleased track “Vocab on a Slab”, a strong contender for intro on his long envisioned debut LP The Prelude. Constructing a sound organic and all its own; he is consciencely walking his own path to Hip Hop glory.

Currently gearing up to digitally release his first official single “They Say” one can clearly see a fiery focus and determination in his eyes. “They Say” is an all original composition containing a lush mix of guitars, 808, percussion, and live string arrangements together with a tasteful palette of well delivered aggressive vocals.

In a mainstream rap world where it seems you either have to be obscenely disrespectful and over emasculated, perversely in touch with your feminine side, or just flat out weird and unnatural, something else must come into play. This is where BZ$ feels he steps in and fills the void. “Some people are going to hear ‘They Say’ and say ‘who does this cat think he is’ but those who love themselves and would rather hear something more real yet positive for a change will surely be able to embrace it and rock out to it…It’s a classic”, speaks BZ with a conviction reminiscent of a Pac or DMX. He is a consummate gentleman with playboy swag but one can also clearly see that he is an educator, encourager, and overall leader. He exudes confidence and seems to have never had an issue with public speaking and realizes that with his talent comes great responsibility stating, “We gon have a whole lot of fun and do as we please but we gon be responsible, respectful, and conscience at all times while we do so.” When he refers to himself as an All American African American Nega, you can understand why.

Gateway Records & Entertainment llc is his brainchild and after delivering “They Say” to the world, BZ$ plans to release The Prelude later this year under this imprint. He has also revealed that he has two more albums (NIKE & Z Stands for ZINI) nearly completely written and formatted with well thought out strategies for pushing all three in that respective order. His goal is to drop nothing but hits and classics and once the world hears “They Say” they most likely won’t be taking his plans lightly